Editing Services

Book editing has always been a vital part of the publishing process. Every bestseller has invested in professional editing to refine and hone their work, ultimately transforming a good book into a great one.

This service offers a range of options to suit your requirements and budget. From line editors who advise you on your writing style to copy editors and proofreaders who address the mechanics of your book, a strong team of professional editors is essential to your book’s success.

Prices are based on an 8.5” by 11” page with 1” margins on all sides, 12pt font and 1.5 line spacing.

Proofreading $3 per page
  • Character-by-character final review
  • Spelling and punctuation check
  • Intensive grammar audit
Copy & Line Editing $7 per page

Most errors are found in this step!

Included in Full-Service package

  • Word-by-word mechanical edit
  • Word choice and syntax inspection
  • Spelling and punctuation check
  • Intensive grammar audit
  • Basic proofreading
  • Line-by-line stylistic editing
  • Intensive overall structural edit
  • Plot and pacing review
  • Survey transition elements
  • Audit tone and style
  • Review character development
  • Writing flow enhancement
  • Voice maintenance
  • Editor’s notes and comments
Two Edit Package $10 per page

Included in Premium package

  • An initial detailed copy and line edit
  • Follow up edit of additional author changes
  • A final proof read of the whole book